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Grants Made – Fiscal Year 2018-2019

On November 5, the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting. At that meeting it made the following decisions concerning funding for 2018-19. The Members of the Corporation approved the recommendations on January 2, 2019.

$163,090 is being awarded to the 2017-18 awardees. This commitment was made when the original grants were awarded in 2017-18.

The two agencies listed below provide services, which fall in the focus area (domestic violence, abuse, neglect) which was selected for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 grant cycles. The Board of Directors is awarding them the following grants:

In keeping with the Board of Directors’ conviction that there is a need to assist non-profit agencies in the area of Ongoing Education, $30,000 was designated for this purpose. In addition, realizing the likelihood of unbudgeted emergencies experienced by non-profit agencies, the Board of Directors designated $50,000 as Set-Aside Funds.

The Executive Directors of the local non-profit agencies have spoken about the value of and need for multi-year funding. The Board of Directors, in response to this expressed need, designated an additional $163,090 to be awarded to the 2017-18 awardees. This money will not be distributed until 2019-20.

As a part of its annual grantmaking, $28,500 is being awarded to Mary Immaculate Hospital to support its Mission of “Being Good Help to Those in Need,” especially the poor on the Peninsula and $156,750 was awarded to the Bernardine Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis (Bernardine Franciscan Sisters) to further its mission and ministries in the USA, Brazil, Africa and the Dominican Republic.

An unrestricted $25,000 is being given to the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters as they celebrate 125 years of service in the fields of education, healthcare and human services.

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