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12 January, 2018
11:30 am
Mary Immaculate Hospital Community Education & Health Resource Center, 2 Bernardine Drive, Newport News 23602

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A Series focused on helping nonprofit leaders learn how to build strong relationships to advance their missions.

The Basics of Relationship Building

Kick off your new year right with a communication strategy planning session. Shelley Smith, owner of Premier Rapport, will open up with “60 Seconds to Connect.” She will talk through key steps to relationship building through communication in person, online, and everything in between, including how to introduce yourself and what to share in a short amount of time. You will also learn vital tips on how and when to communicate with new contacts. This will be more than show and tell. Bring your communication plans with you and be ready to walk away ready to implement them!

To register, click here. (To register additional people, please cut & paste this link –  http://conta.cc/2BX8y1Z